Product Features

Primary Time has been designed to streamline timetable construction. Primary Time assists timetabling practitioners to work smarter.

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Why Primary Time?

  • Ability to generate multiple timetable solutions

    PrimaryTime allows you to build knowledge and skills and in turn improves your timetabling proficiency, productivity and the overall effectiveness of timetable construction.

  • Automatically checks teacher and room clashes

    PrimaryTime automatically checks if your teaching staff and teaching rooms clash with each other based on your timetable and allows you to resolve clashes.

  • Manual scheduling

    The ability to manually schedule provides complete timetable construction flexibility. Manual scheduling or allocation is often used to place “difficult” activities. The solution space assists by advising you whether you are able to manually place an activity in a particular location.

  • AutoPLACE – automatic scheduling

    AutoPLACE is an advanced algorithm which allows automatic timetable generation. AutoPLACE can be used in conjunction with manual scheduling or it can generate a solution itself. AutoPLACE takes the time and hassle out of timetabling!

  • Reduce class setup times

    Put an end to specialist staff constantly having to change their class setups from one class to the next. PrimaryTime allows you to schedule consecutive specialist classes and allow more logical specialist class transitions. Spend more time teaching and less time setting up the classroom.

  • Playtime - Yard Duty Scheduler

    Playtime enables you the flexibility to construct a yard duty roster in minutes. Customise your yard duty breaks & areas, duty times, staff preferences, tally staff duty minutes for reference & customise your reports. Playtime is the complete yard duty scheduling tool.

  • Integrates with School Admin Systems

    PrimaryTime timetables can be integrated with other School administration systems via the export function. PrimaryTime integrates with Synergetic Management Systems and most other School administration systems.

  • Customisable reporting

    PrimaryTime offers a number of pre-formatted reports including a clash report, master exception report, master class report, individual class, teacher and room reports. These reporting options allows you to printout hardcopies or post timetable reports to your school website.